Marketing Strategy For Law Firms

Why Small law firms must be marketing on the internet.

We’ve all heard the phrase “The rich get richer,” and unfortunately it’s true when it comes to attorney advertising. The problem with advertising is that most law firms tend to simply dabble in it. Vast amounts of research has been done on the subject and it all points to the same conclusion. You need to interact meaningfully with your potential clients multiple times (a standard number is 10 times) to make an impression.

So running a radio ad once a week for 30 seconds just isn’t going to do any good.

So you’re a small law firm and you don’t have a budget for 20 radio spots a week for 52 weeks. What do you do? There are billboards, which remain effective. But that could cost several thousand dollars per month. There’s media of course, but that is easier said than done.

So that leaves the internet.  The problem I see with internet marketing is usually one of expectations. People expect it to be cheap (or even free) and to pay dividends immediately.

It does neither.

Internet marketing is like any other advertising medium, it has its strengths and weaknesses. But for a small law firm, it can be your best (and least expensive) source of new clients. So here is my guide for internet marketing for small law firms.

First, have a strategy, a goal, and a budget. Internet marketing is not magic, so don’t expect it to be. You need to understand the medium, pick your niche within it, and get a budget which satisfies the above mentioned strategy of creating multiple interactions with people.

Ways to do this are through Pay Per Click. First is the Search Network.  Bid on keywords, track the budget and performance, keep good records, and adjust until the required ROI is met.

Second is the Display Network. Often overlooked, the display network is a great resource for small law firms looking to make an online marketing splash. Get a good ad, both text and display. Choose  good themes, and then choose good website to advertise on.

Advertise on G-mail. Google offers an option to advertise within their clients G-mail accounts. So when someone on G-mail mentions the word divorce, your ad can appear. This greatly increases the relevancy to them as well as the chances of them responding favorably.

Advertising on G-mail is a great alternative as well. This is an option in pay per click campaigns. It puts your firm in front of people who are chatting about your subject.

Lastly, of course, have a good website which converts. Nothing is worse than paying for visitors and getting no response. And how do you achieve a good conversion rate?  A great ad and a great website design.

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