Small Law Firm Marketing

How a Small Firm Can Compete With Larger Firms

Small Law Firm MarketingSmall law firm marketing is essential for any firm that wants to compete in the  marketplace with the larger, established firms. So how does a small law firm compete with the large firms with their enormous marketing budgets? The answer is simple. First, concentrate your marketing efforts on the mediums that are most efficient. Second, niche your practice as well as your geographic location. Sure, you should be doing all the free marketing methods: handing out business cards, being active in the community, networking with the local chamber of commerce.

These are great sources of potential clients for your practice. But there are other sources out there that can help sustain your practice and even help it grow if that’s your goal. The most efficient medium that most small and solo law practices overlook is internet marketing.

Internet Marketing: Leveling the Playing Field for Small Firms

Online marketing is not only the most effective form of advertising, it can and should be the most economical. Internet marketing can be laser targeted both geographically as well as demographically. The main reason small law firm fails at internet promotion is they cast too wide a net and hence make no splash. The campaign must be focused directly at your potential clients inside your particular geographic area.

Do that right and there is no reason that even the smallest law practice can’t get great results from internet marketing.

Some of the advantages of internet marketing for small law firms:

  • It’s cheaper than traditional forms of advertising
  • It can be targeted far more tightly to your target market
  • It generally provides quicker return on investment
  • It can be tracked, measured and constantly optimized

Small Law Firm Marketing: How We Can Help

Attorney Marketing Advisers has developed an effective and economical small law firm package that will help maintain your current practice as well as grow with you according to your future plans. It comes with low upfront costs and is designed to achieve instant results for a quick return on investment.

Some aspects of our small law firm marketing package include:

  • Localize Search Engine Optimization: We’ll have you ranking on the search engines in your geographic area for your particular specialty
  • Local Business Listing:We’ll create an optimized local business listing for your firm so people in your area using computers and smart phones can find you on both Google and Yahoo/Bing
  • Highly Targeted Online Advertising:We’ll find the most targeted terms that your firms potential clients are looking for and develop a laser focused internet advertising campaign for them
  • Website Design:We’ll design a website that specifically highlights the strengths of your firm. It will be optimized for search engines as well as to help convert online browsers into clients
  • Pay Per Click Advertising: Bidding on low cost/high impact keywords as well as the display network in your market. Advertising on lower cost search engines like Bing/Yahoo.

Call us today to see how we can implement a small law firm marketing strategy that will help your practice grow through comprehensive and cost-effective internet marketing.

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