The Google Display Network

Why it works for Attorneys

I love the Display network for law firms. I know some people in the business think it’s a waste of time.  Why?

Because they are operating on assumptions that are outdated or they work in industries where  the display network IS outdated. But things have changed, and for law firms, the display network is definitely the place to be.

Gone are the days when you can be at the top of the search network for Foreclosure Attorney for a few dollars a click. Everything to do with the legal profession is outrageous now.

A few things to know about the Display Network. First, you need to know what you’re doing. Just like the search network if you do nothing but create the campaign, set the bidding for Auto and let it fly, you’ll make a lot of money… for Google. You need to be smart. You need to be targeted. And you need to track results.

I have a few tips.

First, use image ads. Image ads are great for several reasons. First, they are big and colorful, and since the display network is not permission marketing so much as interruption marketing, that is great. Second, it takes up the entire real estate of the ad space. Text ads are usually one of five. But a display ad is one of one. Third, they come in many sizes, and so the competition is far less that text ads, where everyone gets a shot. With image ads, you actually have to create an ad in that size to be eligible. Most people don’t bother.

Which is exactly why you should. Because it’s not hard, and it can pay dividends. You can use the Google Ad creator or, better yet, have one created for you. It’s about 100 dollars and well worth the money to have  professional ad made.

The benefits are this. You get clicks at far less than the search network. Second, you get all the benefits of branding and you don’t even have to pay for it. What do I mean? Simple, if someone is on their Gmail account or some other website they frequent, and your ad keeps popping up to the right, maybe they don’t click on it because they don’t need a lawyer. But they see it, just like they see a billboard. And when the time comes they do need a lawyer, what name might pop in their head? Yours.

The reality is that the high cost of search ads on Google has almost forced attorneys to go to the display network. It’s an essential part of an law firm’s advertising campaign.

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