Pay Per Click For Attorneys: The Costs Are Skyrocketing

Knowing that the costs for PPC is going up dramatically for all terms related to the legal profession, I decided to check out what many people consider to be the most expensive term in all of Pay Per Click: Mesothelioma. I wanted to see just how much it now costs to get to the top of the search engine page for that ever so desirable term. I wondered how much it would be: 50 dollars, 60 dollars, 80 dollars?

And the number I found?

Well, it shocked even me.

Over 200 dollars!! For a single click.

That means for a good conversion rate of 5 percent, you would have to spend 4,000 dollars for each person who contacted you. And who knows if that person actually has a case or will sign up for your firm. (There are plenty of firms who will take these cases, if you didn’t know.)

The costs are skyrocketing for all pay per click terms. I know this personally as my own campaigns aimed at marketing for attorneys terms have gone of 500 percent in the last six months, so much so that I have cut way back on the advertising for those terms.  It’s not what I would like to do. But hey, new realities require new strategies.

Some what are some of the things I am doing that you can do as well?

First, advertise on Bing and Yahoo. The clicks are much cheaper and the competition is less… at least for now. Yes the traffic is far less, but still it is worth doing, especially when it is so easy to migrate them from your adwords account.

Second, advertise on the Google Display network. The display network isn’t nearly as expensive for terms like this. And though it isn’t as targeted, it has several benefits:

  • The ads can be images.
  • They can create branding for your firm without even spending money.
  • You can choose sites which rank high organically for competitive terms and advertise on them fairly cheaply

It’s a new world out there in the world of Pay Per Click and you have to keep up. Just like you used to have to do with other forms of media. It’s just that the online world moves much quicker, and changes just as fast. You must keep up or be left behind.

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