Law Firm Pay Per Click

PPC: How Many New Clients Can Your Law Firm Handle?

Law Firm Pay Per Click advertising can be extremely valuable if done correctly, and is an essential component of any serious attorney marketing plan. Anyone who tells you that you should avoid pay per click (ppc) and that you should focus all your effort on trying to achieve organic results simply doesn’t know how to effectively use the pay per click system. The truth is that many of the most profitable search terms are simply too competitive to achieve high organic rankings with. And so to enter those lucrative markets, you must use PPC. Yes, PPC can be expensive and yes, it can be unprofitable if deployed without proper research, testing, and analytics. But understand this: “In competitive market segments, Pay Per Click can be your law firm’s best source of steady revenue.”

Attorney PPC: Experience is Everything

That’s where our expertise and experience really pays off.  We are a Google Adwords Certified Partner, which demonstrates our expertise in creating and managing pay per click campaigns.  And at Attorney Marketing Advisers, we have already tested, refined, and optimized hundreds of pay per click campaigns for the legal industry. This means you start out with an optimized campaign that will immediately maximize your return on investment. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of testing has already taken place, and the lessons learned benefit you. Of course, your particular campaign will be designed specifically for your firm’s location and areas of practice. But you know you’re starting with a pay per click campaign that has already been tested and refined for your particular legal niche.

Law Firm Pay Per Click: The Choices Are Growing

With the success of Google Adwords, there have been many smaller pay per click providers offering cost-effective alternatives. Some, like my ads, advertise on certain networks, in this case the Fox broadcasting networks. Others, like Facebook, allow you to advertise only on their site, in this case the highest trafficked site in the world. And with Google’s display network advertising, you can advertise on literally thousands of relevant websites, usually at a much lower cost than Google’s search network. List of major Pay Per Click Advertisers that we work with:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Miva
  • Myads
  • Enhance
  • LinkedIn
  • Kanoodle
  • Facebook

Law Firm PPC: Different Mediums. Different Ads

The display networks have created the options for different kinds of ads as well. Google, Bing and Yahoo offer graphic ads, flash ads, even video ads. Graphic ads are also welcome on many other PPC providers. The benefit of these choices are both the size and quality of the ad itself, and a lower cost per click.

PPC: A Great Choice For Online Branding

Most people don’t know that most pay per click providers for law firms offer another option besides pay per click. Pay per impression is also available. And what are the advantages of pay per impression? How about getting your law firm’s name out there and establishing your brand. In fact, you can get your firm’s custom designed banner shown on relevant legal websites thousands of times per day for little to no cost. Now that’s a good return on investment.

How Much Does Pay Per Click Cost?

Well, the real question is: “How many extra clients can your firm effectively handle?” That may sound like a hollow sales pitch, but the reality is that the online demand for most legal specialties is so great that the limitation are oftentimes the capacity of the firm itself.  So the more you pay for online advertising, the more new clients—and new revenue—you will see. PPC works especially well for those areas of law where the fees are collected upfront, as you can oftentimes see a return on your marketing dollars in as little as one week. So look at it this way: if you’re making a consistent positive return on your online marketing investment each week, how much should you spend? Really, in all but the smallest of markets, it’s oftentimes a matter of how many new clients your law firm can handle.

It’s entirely up to you. You control the budget, and results can be judged almost immediately. So start out slow, and judge the results yourself. If a particular campaign isn’t profitable, stop it.  If it is profitable, expand it.  Simple. And remember, with Attorney Marketing Advisers, we not only know the ins and outs of pay per click, we know the legal industry as well. We’ve implemented profitable campaigns in virtually every area of law already all over the country. Chances are good that your law firm’s pay per click campaign will be as well.

Our Philosophy

At Attorney Marketing Advisers, we work by 3 simple rules:

  • Specific goals
  • Clear communication
  • Guaranteed Results

We do this because we know how to make Pay Per Click advertising work for you. Most internet firms fail at this because they either don’t know how or they specialize only within the areas that are most profitable for them. We handle all aspects of the marketing effort, and we hold ourselves accountable to a single, clearly-stated objective: “We Will Grow Your Law Firm’s Notoriety, Prestige, and Revenue.”

A True No-Obligation Consultation

Lawyer Advertising Pay Per ClickFill out the form at the top of this page to receive a Free Consultation on how we can help set up a cost-effective law firm pay per click campaign.  You will be contacted not by a salesman but by the actual person who would be implementing all aspects of your PPC campaign.  Beyond that, we promise you three things:

  • We’ll tell you specifically what we can do for you and what it will cost
  • We’ll explain what is required of your firm to make the pay per click campaign successful
  • We’ll answer your questions and tell you what questions you should be asking

It’s as low pressure as it gets.  So contact us today and see how pay per click advertising fits in with  an attorney internet marketing campaign for your law  firm.