Law Firm Marketing Ideas

So What the Heck Do I Put in my Blog?

Law Firm Marketing Ideas

When it comes to law firm marketing, blogs are an essential tool to both to create content, and to keep your web site updated regularly. The question always is, where do I get the law firm marketing ideas to fill the blog?  The thought of learning to write articles and Blog posts can be intimidating.  But getting marketing ideas for attorneys is simple when you realize that all you’re doing is writing down the comments, advice, and helpful hints that you’re already doing everyday.  Writing Blog posts isn’t like writing briefs to be heard by the Supreme Court.  You just need to offer something useful and relevant on a regular basis.  We take it from there, transforming that relevant, useful content into a springboard up the search engine rankings.  Look at it this way.  If you have eight lawyers in your firm, and each one writes one article a month on a staggered schedule, your firm’s Blog will get two fresh Blog entries every week that we can use to vault your website up the search engine rankings.  That’s an hour a month per attorney to keep the rain-making train rolling.

So What Do I Write About?

The answer is simple.  Anything that is some way relevant  to your practice.  Was there a recent Supreme Court  Decision that might affect your clients?  Write about that.  Was there a recent victory in your firm.  Sure, you’re posting it to your victories page (you do have a victories page, don’t you?).  But why not tell the story in a Blog post?  That’s exactly the kind of content we can craft into a final product that the search engines love.  This will drive new visitors to your site, which in turn creates new clients, which creates new victories, which creates new Blog posts, where the cycle starts again.

Law Firm Marketing Ideas: Content is King

Fresh content is the fuel that feeds our system of marketing for attorneys.  The key to success is delivering relevant information in a way that makes both humans Law Firm Marketing Ideas and search engines take notice.  Writing to search engines is very different than writing to people, and combining them artfully on a web page is the essence of good web copywriting.  What makes us special is that our copywriters are all also search engine optimization experts, so we  create pages that not only attract clients, but at the same time get noticed by search engines.  Our comprehensive plans for marketing your law firm will place your law firm in the direct path of millions of people searching for legal help online.

The Complete Solution to Lawyer Internet Marketing

Marketing For Attorneys Globe

At Attorney Marketing Advisers, we work by 3 simple rules:

  • Specific goals
  • Clear communication
  • Guaranteed Results

We do this because we know how to make the search engines work for you.  Most internet firms fail at this because they either don’t know how to do it or they specialize only within the areas that are most profitable for them. We handle all aspects of law firm internet marketing, and we hold ourselves accountable to a single, clearly-stated objective: “We Will Grow Your Law Firm’s Notoriety, Prestige, and Revenue.”

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