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Can A Website Be “Too Flashy?”

legal web site designThe simple answer is yes. Overly elaborate web designs shouldn’t be part of any attorney marketing campaign for several reasons.

Reason #1: Slow Page Load Times

Elaborate websites tend to be filled with large files and therefore tend to load slowly. Page load speed is now a ranking factor in search engines and so an excessively large website will actually hurt your search engine ranking. Worse yet, large websites might not even load at all on slower computers with slow internet connection. Web browsers will simply time out, sending the web surfer off to find what they are looking for somewhere else. Also, people love to click their way through websites and if it takes too much time between pages, their patience will wear thin very quickly. A couple of times waiting for a loading flash presentation and again, they are gone.

Reason #2: Confusion

Elaborate websites, though they may look pretty, can actually confuse people. Java script navigation buttons, objects moving all over the page only draws attention away from the aspects of the site that actually drive people to make purchasing decisions. Sure, people ae impressed by a pretty face. But no one is going to actually going to buy something from a sight that simply looks nice.

Reason # 3: Pictures are not content

Search engines rank your site largely according to its content, and when your site is filled with pictures and movies, the search engines can’t tell what it’s about.

The keys to a web site that actually converts

The three keys to a successful website are this:

  • Get their attention
  • Establish trust and authority
  • Create urgency

Everything you do on your web site should add to one of these three things. Flashy web sites only succeed on the first point, which isn’t enough to get people to act.

Other things to consider about legal web site designs:

  • Don’t add wild colored backgrounds… especially mixed with colored text. It may look cool at first, but if it’s hard to read, people simoply won’t bother.
  • Don’t add blinking text. Besides smacking of “amateur,” it can trigger epileptic seizures. So don’t do it. Ever.

When it comes to web designs, keep it clean, keep it elegant, keep it simple. Build attention, authority, and urgency and you’ll have a website that you not only be proud of but will make you money as well.

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