Attorney Blogs

Does Your Law Firm Need One?

Attorney BlogsA question I get all the time is how important is a blog to internet marketing for attorneys? My answer is simple. It’s not necessary, but it sure as heck helps. Now I know what you’re thinking: “I’m a lawyer not a teenager. I don’t have a Blog myself, I don’t go to other people’s Blogs, and  I’m not even 100 percent sure I know what a Blog is. What I do know is that I’m very busy, and I don’t want to spend the time and mental energy learning about something that I’m not sure I’m going to make use of anyway. So don’t try to sell this old dog on a new trick unless it’s going to directly benefit my bottom line.”

Blogging: More Than Meets The Eye

Law Firm Blogs are one element of the online phenomenon known as social media, which includes Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Delicious, and hundreds of other applications, websites, widgets, etc…  At first glance, it may seem that social media is nothing more than a new way for young people to socialize.  This is true.  And to be honest, social media is a much more effective way for artists and celebrities to promote their latest books, albums, and movies than it is for lawyers to market their law firms.

So I’m Right… Blogs Are a Waste of Time for Lawyers

Law Firm BlogsWrong… and the reason is simple.  Blogs, like press releases, videos, and articles, are a powerful way to get the attention of search engines.  So if you’re wondering what’s the point of having a bunch of dry, boring legal information on a Blog that hardly anyone will read, the answer is: because a properly structured Law Blog can propel the main pages of your main site to the top of the search engine rankings. And so a Blog is not a waste of time but rather one of the most powerful tools in any law firm’s attorney marketing arsenal. In fact, if you want to stay relevant in the future, utilizing social media isn’t an option anymore. You have to do it or your law firm will be left behind.

What a Lawyer Blog Should Be

Ideally, a lawyer blog is a store-house of all the various promotional material your firm produces, including articles, videos, comments, and resources. The more promotional material your firm creates, the greater the impact of the Blog on both visitors and search engines. What makes Blogs great is that the members of your firm—even the general public—can contribute to it without the need to go through a webmaster. This means the content can be updated frequently… something search engines love.

Attorney Blogs: Great Content Equals Great Results

Law Firm BlogThink Big! The lawyers in your firm are good at what they do, aren’t they? So let the world know it. Write articles, record videos, comment on current events.  Contribute useful information to the online community and the search engines will reward you by making you an authority in your field. This drives more traffic, which translates to more clients, which creates more legal issues to write about, which starts the cycle again on an ever-increasing scale. The process builds exponentially and everyone benefits. Heck, even if no one visited your Blog, you still need to have one just for the benefit of the search engines. They will visit your Blog… and if they like what they see, your main website will be rewarded with a higher ranking.

Lawyer Blogs: Why Search Engines Like Them So Much

Blog Social Media ListSearch engines like blogs for a variety of reasons. First, a blog is considered a more objective source of information compared to a commercial web site. Blogs are looked at as a group forum of information rather than one company’s sales’ pitch. Second, the inherent structure of blogs creates a lot pages, making your web site larger. And a larger web site equals more information, which generally means a higher ranking. Third, active blogs are updated on a regular basis, which to search engines means the information is not only topical but fresh. So for search engines, blogs come down to more information, in an objective format, that is more timely.  That’s why they like blogs.  And that’s why your law firm should have one.  Whether your specialty is Criminal Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy, DUI,  Personal Injury, Immigration, Divorce, Real Estate, Banking and Corporate Law, Foreclosure Defense, or General Law Practice, a blog for your law firm can help establish credibility and authority online while increasing traffic and revenue.

Don’t Be Intimidated!

Ok.  So maybe you’re beginning to see that blogging  can provide a real benefit to your firm. But now you’re wondering if you’re going to have to sit on an I-Phone Twittering all day? Nope. At Attorney Marketing Advisers, we make it simple for you. We’ll tell you what needs to be done. You just need to focus on one thing: creating promotional content. And it’s really not difficult to do. You’re probably creating a great deal of the material already. It’s just not being used to help you. We’ll take that material and mold it into a system that will make you an online authority in your legal niche while driving traffic to your site.

The Complete Solution to Law Firm Marketing

Lawyer BlogsAt Attorney Marketing Advisers, we work by 3 simple rules:

  • Specific goals
  • Clear communication
  • Guaranteed Results

We do this because we know how to make the search engines work for you. Most internet firms fail at this because they either don’t know how to do it or they specialize only within the areas that are most profitable for them. We handle all aspects of the marketing effort, and we hold ourselves accountable to a single, clearly-stated objective: “We Will Grow Your Law Firm’s Notoriety, Prestige, and Revenue.”

A True No-Obligation Consultation

Fill out the form at the top of this page to receive a Free Consultation on how we can help promote your law firm through blogging, social media, web 2.0, videos, and other means of internet marketing.  You will be contacted not by a salesman but by the actual person who would be implementing all aspects of your marketing campaign.  Beyond that, we promise you three things:

  • We’ll tell you specifically what we can do for you and what it will cost
  • We’ll explain what is required of your firm to make the campaign successful
  • We’ll answer your questions and tell you what questions you should be asking

It’s as low pressure as it gets.

Addition Information about Attorney Blogs

Good article outlining legal guidance for agencies launching public blogs. This pertains to government sites, but some of the advice is relevant.

There are no Legal Prohibitions Against State Agencies’ Creating Their Own Blogs, and agency blog owners are in some circumstances protected against state and Federal statutory and common law legal claims arising out of their ownership of a blog by Federal statutes such as the Communications Decency Act (protects against statutory and tort claims based on content provided to agency blog by third party users, or by agency blog owners efforts to restrict access to obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing or otherwise objectionable content) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) (safe harbor against copyright infringement). However, to avoid legal pitfalls, at a minimum, agencies should take the steps outlined in this guidance.

Read entire article about Public Blogs