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Maximizing The Return on Your Advertising Budget

Law Firm AdvertisingAt Attorney Marketing Advisers, we know that marketing for any business is all about results, and attorney advertising is no different. Whatever your law firm’s specialty is, you need to be advertising in the mediums where your potential clients are most likely to see them. And what better place to run your ads than where potential clients are searching for exactly the services you have to offer? The truth is: the entire face of advertising has shifted from mass marketing in passive mediums to targeted marketing in active mediums. And the most active medium of all these days—as well as the most popular—is search engines

What You Don’t Know About Google Can Hurt You

Law Firm AdvertisingLike most people you probably know a little about search engines. More than likely you use them yourself.  But most people have no idea how they work or what their potential is. The fact is: search engine marketing is not only a new way for consumers to find information, it should be a new way for law firms to think about how they market their business. The internet has changed not only where consumers go to find goods and services, but more importantly what they expect from the businesses they are searching for. Traditional advertising mediums like billboards and yellow-page ads are not only on the decline statistically, their effectiveness is diminishing as well.

Enhanced Consumer Expectations

Consumers—especially consumers looking to make major purchasing decisions like legal representation—demand more than ad slogans and dry statistics. Enhancements in advertising media has raised consumer expectations. People want information, stimulation, interaction, testimonials, proof.  Give them a catch phrase delivered on a one dimensional marketing platform and you might as well not exist at all.

Search Engine Advertising: Not Just A New Way. A Better Way

Think about you look for information about a product or service you want. Do you turn on the TV and radio hoping to find a commercial on the subject? Do you randomly drive nearby highways looking for relevant billboards? Or are you like 90 percent of Americans and you go to your computer and type in what you’re looking for in the Search Box at the top of your web browser? You don’t do it because it’s trendy. You do it because it gives you better information, delivered in a better way. So now take your own mindset as an internet consumer and look at your own law firm’s website. Ask yourself: what is it doing to deliver your firm’s message in a bigger and better way?


If that’s the case, then you’re not alone. The vast majority of law firm websites were created as nothing more than digital versions of existing print brochure material, full of dry facts and cheap slogans. That isn’t enough to convince you to make a major purchase. So why would you think it will convince potential clients to hire you for something as important as legal representation?

Take Your Clients Seriously. Take Yourself Seriously

Seriously. Think of your clients as real people with real problems. And show them that you are a real person with real solutions. That’s successful internet advertising in a nutshell. Succeed at that—and put your message in front of people who are looking for help in the legal profession—and your phone will ring off the hook.

Making Your Presence Known Online

The truth is: being in right place at the right time isn’t about luck anymore. The right place is the front page of the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and others. The right time is the moment a potential client is looking for legal services. This is the very reason why search engines are so massively popular: because this is exactly what they do: match consumers with the information they desire. The top positions of the Search Engine Results Pages represent the most valuable real estate in any local market, and for a law firm looking for consistent business development, it is essential to stake your claim there.

Law Firm Advertising: Will You Be Left Behind?

Law Firm AdvertisingEach day more law firms are coming to the realization that the internet is an essential component of any comprehensive legal marketing campaign. The longer you wait to respond to this shift in consumer behavior, the further you fall behind your competition. And because internet advertising is a competition that favors those who start early, failure to keep up with your online competition could be fatal to your business development. Act quickly, boldly, and consistently, and you can become a major force in the future of your particular legal genre. Wait too long and you may find you can never catch up.

Impressing Visitors And Search Engines

The good news is that, with the recent changes in how search engines are ranking websites (and there have been major changes lately which represents a great opportunity to supplant established law firms at the top of the search engine rankings), the strategy to enhance your attorney marketing is simple. Provide useful, relevant information in engaging formats through multiple advertising mediums: words, pictures, video, etc…

Simple to Say.  Difficult to Do

This is where most internet marketing firms fall woefully short: providing relevant content. Most internet marketers use gimmicks and tricks to try to fool search engines into high rankings. These techniques can be automated and are much easier to employ than providing actual worthwhile information on a website. Though these less than ethical techniques worked for a while, the search engines have adapted. There’s no fooling them now. Either give people what they’re searching for, or be deemed by the search engines as irrelevant.

The Attorney Marketing Adviser Difference

That’s what makes us different from most internet marketing firms that compartmentalize their campaigns amongst separate divisions. The consultant we assign to your firm understands every aspect of your campaign and will implement them together in a cohesive way. This ensures that the ad campaign is implemented exactly how it was designed.  It also ensure that your firm’s message won’t be watered-down by the inevitable breaks in the chain of communication of a large internet marketing firm. Other advantages of a dedicated consultant include:

  • Accountability: No blaming the copywriting department or the SEO guy.  Your lawyer advertising consultant is responsible for everything
  • Cohesion: The SEO and content writing are handled by the same person, ensuring not only good copy but good SEO as well
  • Unity of message: Your campaign won’t be implemented “by committee,” relying on revisions, shared e-mails, and passed memos going around
  • Responsiveness: A single consultant is more responsive. Your lawyer advertising consultant is always just a phone call away
  • Comprehension: The lawyer advertising consultant who gets to know your firm is the person doing all the important work on it

We know how to make the search engines work for you. Most internet firms fail at this because they either don’t know how or they specialize only within the areas that are most profitable for them. We handle all aspects of your law firm advertising campaign, from television, radio, and print to social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Whether your specialty is personal injury, bankruptcy and foreclosure, immigration, real estate, debt settlement, auto accidents, malpractice, wrongful death, probate, criminal law, elder law, or divorce, we can help you.  At Attorney Marketing Advisers, we handle all aspects of lawyer advertising, and we hold ourselves accountable to a single, clearly-stated objective: “We Will Grow Your Law Firm’s Notoriety, Prestige, and Revenue.”

A True No-Obligation Consultation

Lawyer Advertising InternetFill out the form at the top of this page to receive a Free Consultation on how we can help exploit the power of attorney advertising on the internet. You will be contacted not by a salesman but by the actual person who would be implementing all aspects of your internet advertising campaign. Beyond that, we promise you three things:

  • We’ll tell you specifically what we can do for you and what it will cost
  • We’ll explain what is required of your firm to make the campaign successful
  • We’ll answer your questions and tell you what questions you should be asking

It’s as low pressure as it gets. So contact us today and see how we can help your law firm thrive in the internet age.

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Additional Information about Attorney Advertising on the Internet

Advantages of internet advertising over traditional mediums include:

  • Increasing market share versus decreasing share
  • Campaigns can be targeted and optimized far more effectively
  • Online techniques can integrate with other media—TV commercials, radio ads, magazine, and billboards—for increased branding
  • Advertising dollars can be laser targeted to your potential clients
  • Results can be measured far more effectively and in real time

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