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Attorney Internet MarketingAttorney Marketing Advisers provides complete internet marketing services for law firms at affordable prices. We integrate keyword research, web site design, search engine optimization, PPC, video marketing, blogs, social media management, and article marketing into a comprehensive online marketing campaign that can make any law firm the online authority in its legal niche. We help law firms of all sizes dramatically expand their legal practice through internet marketing, no matter what their current advertising budget.

The goal of this website is to help attorneys understand the various aspects of successful internet marketing. It answers the basic questions like: How big is the online market for obtaining potential legal clients? What does a successful internet marketing campaign look like? How much business can I expect that campaign to bring to my firm and for what cost? It also delves into more advanced subjects like blogging, video marketing, pay per click, online branding and social networking.

Lastly, it stresses the importance of implementing a system that ties together all the various aspects of attorney marketing. Because the success of any online marketing campaign depends on the unity of its parts.

Attorney Marketing: How Big is the Online Market?

Internet Marketing ConsultantIt’s no secret that consumers are now relying on search engines to get the information they need to make purchasing decisions. Nowhere is this more true than the legal profession. Over 31 million searches containing the word “attorney” or “lawyer” are performed each month on one search engine alone. The search volumes for the various legal specialties are equally impressive and I’ve included a full list at the bottom of the page for your reference.  See Google Searches. Just a quick glance at the numbers and you’ll see that the message is clear: Internet marketing is an essential part of any attorney advertising effort.

Attorney Marketing And Your Law Firm: The Time to Act is Now

The shift in consumer behavior to the internet is well under way, and the fact is, if your law firm isn’t aggressive marketing itself online, then you are already behind your competition. But the good news is: it’s not too late. But wait much longer and you may soon find yourself shut out of the most powerful advertising medium ever created. The next five years are critical, as the importance of internet marketing is becoming apparent to everyone. The competition is about to get a lot tougher. To stay at the head of the pack, you have to do everything right.

What Does a Successful Attorney Internet Marketing Campaign Look Like?

Marketing Optimization Plan For AttorneysThe diagram to the right outlines the various elements that must be incorporated into an attorney marketing plan if it is to have any chance of achieving a top ranking in the search engines. A dozen different elements, spread across multiple online mediums, all synchronized, all coordinated, and all working toward the singular goal of driving targeted traffic to the focus of the plan—your website—which itself must be optimized to convert that targeted traffic into paying clients. The campaign not only has to be set up correctly, but it must be updated regularly to keep up with the constant shifts in search engine algorithms.

Successful Attorney Marketing: Why So Many Firms Can’t Do It

Lawyer Management ServicesIn a world full of web designers, copywriters, SEO gurus, and know-it-all internet marketing consultants, why is it that most web sites wallow in online obscurity? The answer is simple. First, many established web design companies learned their craft back when there was virtually no online competition. In fact, many marketing agencies that call themselves full service internet marketers are really just web designers who dabble in a few other aspects. And many large firms, who may indeed offer comprehensive marketing services, still don’t achieve real online results because of a lack of communications between their various specialists. In today’s competitive marketplace, all the aspects of the marketing campaign must work in unison, or you will never see results in the search engine rankings.

What to Look For In An Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing For AttorneysThere are thousands of choices among online marketing consultants, from large to small. Some are full service, others specialize on individual niches within the overall field of internet marketing. Some, like ours, focus specifically on lawyers and the legal profession. But, in my opinion, the biggest mistake any law firm (or any company for that matter) can make is to hire a legal internet marketing firm that only performs individual aspects of the job: web design, or pay per click, or video marketing, or copywriting, or SEO.

This approach rarely works, as there is no place where the phrase “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth” holds more true than in internet marketing. Attorneys who hire separate consulting firms (or even a single firm that compartmentalizes it’s work-flow) will almost surely see mediocre results. Why? Because everyone is working half in the dark… and everyone has someone else to blame.

To compete in the world of online marketing, every aspect of the attorney marketing campaign must be unified and focused.

But in a world of specialists, it’s very difficult to find someone who can do it all.

The Attorney Marketing Adviser Difference

That’s what makes us different from most internet marketing firms that compartmentalize their campaigns to separate divisions. The consultant we assign to your firm understands every aspect of your campaign and will implement them together in a cohesive way. This ensures that the campaign is implemented exactly how it was designed. It also ensure that your firm’s message won’t be watered-down by the inevitable breaks in the chain of communication of a large internet marketing firm. Other advantages of a dedicated consultant include:

  • Accountability: No blaming the copywriting department or the SEO guy.  Your consultant is responsible for everything
  • Cohesion: The SEO and content writing are handled by the same person, ensuring not only good copy but good SEO as well
  • Unity of message: Your campaign won’t be implemented “by committee,” relying on revisions, shared e-mails, and passed memos going around
  • Communication: A single consultant is more responsive. Your consultant is always just a phone call away
  • Comprehension: The consultantwho gets to know your firm is the one doing all the important work on it

Things you won’t get from us:

  • Dealing with a commissioned salesman. (We don’t have any)
  • Extra fees to pay for the salesman’s commission
  • Large overhead to house all our various specialists
  • Excuses. Run around. Lack of communication.

We know how to make the search engines work for you. Most internet firms fail at this because they either don’t know how or they specialize only within the areas that are most profitable for them. At Attorney Marketing Advisers, we handle all aspects of the marketing effort, and we hold ourselves accountable to a single, clearly-stated objective: We Will Grow Your Law Firm’s Notoriety, Prestige, and Revenue.Whether your specialty is personal injury, bankruptcy and foreclosure, loan modification, immigration, real estate, debt settlement, auto accidents, malpractice, probate, criminal law, elder law, family law, or intellectual property rights, we can help you expand your business.

A True No-Obligation Consultation

Proven Communication Marketing Fill out the form at the top of this page to receive a Free Consultation on how we can help market your law firm on the internet. You will be contacted not by a salesman but by the actual person who would be implementing all aspects of your marketing campaign. Beyond that, we promise you three things:

  • We’ll tell you specifically what we can do for you and what it will cost
  • We’ll explain what is required of your firm to make the campaign successful
  • We’ll answer your questions and tell you what questions you should be asking

It’s as low pressure as it gets. So contact us today and see how we can help your firm thrive in the internet age.

Additional Resources on Attorney Marketing On the Internet:

Elements of a successful search engine marketing campaign for attorneys:

Attorney Websites – A good law firm web design is the center of any online attorney advertising campaign.
Content Writing –  Content on your lawyer website that is engaging as well as consistent with SEO efforts.
Law Firm Advertising – Integrated all aspects of the attorney advertising for a consistent message.
Attorney Blog – Having a blog which the lawyers and paralegals in your firm regularly update can help retain visitors and increase rankings. We also provide content for the blogs as part of our copywriting services.
Pay Per Click Advertising – Well researched and targeted PPC advertising on the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Social Media – Creating inter-linking online profiles on various social media and web 2.0 sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc…
Link Building – Submission to high quality relevant directories in the legal profession. Submission of articles and press releases to various online sources.
Video Marketing – Videos are a great way to not only connect with potential clients but also another way to increase exposure as well as boost rankings for your law firm’s website.
Local Listing – Adding a Google local search business listing will generate clients right in your backyard where potential clients are most likely become clients.

We provide all the above legal marketing services for our clients as part of an overall customized attorney marketing plan. Other attorney marketing ideas include:

  • Joining Legal Marketing Associations
  • Writing articles on the legal field
  • Doing free online seminars, with press releases
  • Become expert source in media outlets, including newspaper, radio and television.

Monthly Search Volume For Legal Profession Specialties:
(Source: Google, April 2010)

  • Divorce Lawyer and Divorce Attorney: 602,000
  • Criminal Attorney and Criminal Lawyer: 765,000
  • Bankruptcy Attorney and Bankruptcy Lawyer: 503,000
  • Personal Injury Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer: 492,000
  • Tax Attorney and Tax Lawyer:  485,000
  • DUI Lawyer and DUI Attorney: 455,000
  • Family Law Lawyer and Family Law Attorney: 310,000
  • Immigration Attorney and Immigration Lawyer: 301,000
  • Real Estate Lawyer and Real Estate Attorney: 275,000
  • Malpractice Attorney and Malpractice Lawyer: 270,000
  • Employment Attorney and Employment Lawyer:  170,500
  • Defense Attorney and Defense Lawyer: 166,000
  • Car Accident Attorney and Car Accident Lawyer: 151,000
  • Business Lawyer and Business Attorney: 134,500
  • Wrongful Death Attorney and Wrongful Death Lawyer: 73,600
  • Workers Compensation Attorney and Workers Compensation Lawyer: 51,200
  • Trail Attorney and Trial Lawyer: 44,400
  • Child Custody Lawyer and Child Custody Attorney: 40,300
  • Foreclosure Attorney and Foreclosure Lawyer: 39,200
  • Civil Lawyer and Civil Attorney: 66,500
  • Aviation Attorney and Aviation Lawyer: 13,400
  • General Practice Lawyer and General Practice Attorney: 9,400
  • Barrister: 135,000
  • Esquire: 500,000

Example of a Typical “Piecemeal” Attorney Internet Marketing Campaign:

For most law firms, their internet marketing strategy has gone something like this. They start by hiring a web site designer. Later, they hire someone Bar Association Court Houseo do search engine optimization. They add a blog. They have their secretary submit the site to some online directories. They try to write a blog post each week but quickly forget about it. They hire a copywriter to rewrite the ineffectual content on the site. They get a sales call from Phone Book consultant and they purchase a local internet listing. They hire a Pay Per Click consultant or try it themselves. They hire a video marketing agency to shoot a company video. They have their secretary try to put the video on YouTube, but she can’t figure it out…

Everything is designed and implemented separately. There is no shared goal, no cohesion, no unity of message to get the attention of search engines or potential clients.

Attorney Marketing Advisers is located in Orlando, Florida, providing internet marketing and advertising consulting services for Law Firms nationwide as well as all provinces in Canada.